The following  are the full touring production requirements for UNTAPPED.



Preferred minimum performance space is ten (10) meters (39.4 feet) WIDE x eight (8) meters (32.8 feet) DEEP. This does not include wing space or crossovers. A smooth non-slip and non-gloss WOODEN surface is essential for tap dancing. Rubber, Concrete, Carpet or Tarkett surfaces are NON SUITABLE


The backstage area must be kept secure at all times. Guests are aloud backstage prior to performance one hour call only with the consent of RAW’s Tour Manager. No guests are permitted backstage from one-hour performance call until after the company has completed bump out.


The company requires FOUR (4) x pieces of industry standard portable staging.

Standard sizes are either 1200mm x 2400mm or 1000mm x 2000mm.

The suitable legs configurations would be as follows:

  • TWO (2) pieces at 600mm high
  • TWO (2) pieces at 900mm high
  • One (1) steps/treads suitable to the 900mm and the 600mm from Upstage.
  • The 900mm and 600mm pieces of portable staging can be carpet.


Standard legs and boarders are to be rigged, with a black at the extreme upstage hanging point – allowing for a crossover.


RAW requires the lighting desk to be a Magic Q 100 console or better (must still be Magic Q).  Substitution of lights can only be made with Prior Approval from RAW.

Raw requires the following lighting equipment to be provided at each venue as per the lighting plan (Attachment F).

24            MFL
12            2K Fresnel
8            10-Degree Profile
6            19-Degree Profile
43            26-Degree Profile
16            LED Truss (first 3-channels RGB as per lighting plan)
2            Generic Prac
9            MARTIN Mac2000 Profile II
6            MARTIN Mac 2000 Wash
4            MARTIN Mac 700 Profile
4            SELECON Pacific Zoom 45-75
2            Flood Lights (used as coloured houselights)
16            1K Fresnel
1            MDG Hazer

House lights are to be controlled by Lighting position.


Raw requires the following equipment to be provided:


Raw require an Avid profile or SC48, positioned at the optimal mixing position within the house, not within a  separate room or ‘Bio Box’.  The company requires that the console be using the latest firmware  available (Version 3 or higher)

Raw uses the following plugins: ‘Waves Live Version 7′, ‘McDSP Live’ and ‘Cranesong Phoenix’.  Please have these plugins pre-installed on the desk in order to save time on the bump-in.

Stage Patch, audio power and communications to the Lighting desk and Backstage will need to be  available at Mixing position. Depending on desk, we will need AT LEAST 40 channels to the desk and 16 returns (NOT including  FOH sends) 

FOH – The venue Front of House system should be sufficient to provide sufficient audio quality to all seats in the house.  It will provide 110-dbA from 20hz to 20khz.  Subwoofers are essential, and preferably run off a separate send from the console.  Front-fill, out-fill and any other ‘zones’ required in the theatre are preferred, and can be run off separate sends from the console.


Raw requires the following wired microphones:

1 x Shure Beta 91 OR SM91
1 x Shure Beta 52
1 x Telefunken M80 OR Shure Beta 56
3 x Shure SM57
2 x Shure SM58
1 x Shure KSM109 OR Shure S M81
3 x Shure Beta 98 D/S mount
1 x Shure Beta 181 OR Shure KSM 109 OR Shure SM 81
2 x Rode NT5 OR Shure SM81
4 x Shure KSM 32
1 x Radial J48 DI

Microphone stands

8 x short boom
4 x Tall Boom
3 x Desk Stands


Raw requires the following wireless microphones:

  • 1 x Shure UHR/Axient Beta 58 (no other capsule/system accepted)
  • 6 x Wireless lapel mic systems (can be either Shure or Sennheiser, minimum Shure UHR or Sennheiser G3 EW500)
  • 12 x lapel mics for above system (MUST include wind sock/foam)
  • 2 x singular Sennheiser G3 EW500 wireless instrument systems with cables
  • ALL Antennas/cables needed for flawless operation to be supplied by client.
  • Client is to supply fresh batteries for each soundcheck/rehearsal

Raw requires the following wireless in-ear monitors:

  • 5 x complete in-ear systems (minimum Sennheiser EW300 or Shure PSM900/1000)
  • 5 x in-ear receivers (in ADDITION to above systems)
  • 10 x in-ear headphones (including rubber/foam inserts)
  • ALL Antennas/cables needed for flawless operation to be supplied by client.
  • Client is to supply fresh batteries for each sound-check/rehearsal


RAW requires 76 batteries per show/rehearsal day (38 for sound-check, 38 for show)


2 x large FOH monitors (15″ + Horn minimum)


2 x balanced Jack (stereo 6.5) to XLR cannon (1 x MALE, 1 x FEMALE)

2 x 20m XLR (in ADDITION to cables for above microphones)

1 x 20m 240v power (in ADDITION to other stage power)

Stage Power

Raw requires 1 x multi-outlet, 240v power board per upstage riser, totalling 3.

Raw requires 1 x 240v power lead at the DS prompt edge of stage.


Raw require Three headsets, one each at Stage Management position, FOH audio and Lighting. If available, we also prefer a ‘flasher’ unit at FOH audio.


Client is to provide all cabling, including power, microphones and multicores.


Description: The show incorporates dancers and drummer using backing tracks.
DrumsBrendan Ramnath


Roland TD-30K Drumkit
Drum throne (e.g. GIBRALTAR 9608)
Double Kick Pedal – (e.g. DW 9000)
2 x HiHats (e.g. Sabian HHX & Zildjian K Custom)
2x HiHat stands (e.g. Pearl H900)

Backing Tracks Setup:
Drummer will control backing tracks via MacBook and audio interface.
3 x power sockets
1 x table for laptop Foldback

Will discuss with sound engineer

Option A

Sound engineer sends all live instruments and backing tracks to separate headphone mixes for each performer (wireless IEMs) and records the show (audio stems or bounced mp3).

Option B

Audio interface runs all on live instruments and backing tracks and sends each channel to Multi-core.

1 x Multi-core Stage Box (10 x XLR>1/4” leads)



Ice Baths

The performers will require an area for recovery ice baths after the performance. RAW requires a level surface no smaller than three (3) meters x three (3) meters capable of supporting a weight of 1,500kg (3,300 pounds). Access to a tap to fill the ice bath and a drain to empty will also be required.  Three (3) Shower cubicles would be ideal.

The following bags of ice will be required.

  • NINE (9) 5kg (11 pounds) bags of ice at 60-minutes prior to performance time
  • SIX (6) 5kg (11 pounds) bags of ice immediately at the completion of the show


RAW requires access to the following facilities in every venue.

  • Shower facilities should be available for use.
  • Two (2) large dressing rooms with at least five (5) chairs in each room.
  • At least two (2) toilets immediately local to the dressing rooms.
  • Tea (Green, Peppermint & Jasmine) and Coffee is required.
  • Five (5) x 1-Litre bottles of Orange Juice.
  • Five (5) x 1-Litre bottles of Apple Juice.
  • One (1) Large Fruit Platter with a selection of seasonal fruits.
  • Twenty (20) x 600ml bottles of still water.
  • Ten (10) fresh towels.
  • One (1) x ironing board and iron.
  • One (1) x mirror in each dressing room.