Welcome to the Untapped website. The following are some regular Questions and Answers from theatre patrons, theatres & general public to help you better understanding Untapped, along with answer any of your specific questions. If you cannot see the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us directly via email at info@untappedshow.com.

Is there a minimum age to attend the show?

There is no minimum age requirement for the show, however we do recommend that the show could potentially be a little overwhelming for children aged 4 and under.

How long does that show run for?

Untapped runs for 70 minutes straight through, without an internal.

Can I buy any of your merchandise online?

Untapped has a range of merchandise available to buy at each performance. If you missed buying your Untapped Souvenir, you can certainly buy a selection of merchandise online by clicking here.

Do you offer workshops or master classes at schools?

Untapped can deliver workshops in Hip Hop, Break Dance, Body Percussion and Tap Dance while on TOUR.  Untapped workshops are designed to be fun, creative & educational.
Duration, beat & time values are used to create rhythmic patterns during the workshops, identifying and following a melodic arrangement of sound, combined with basic motor movements sequences provides a multidisciplinary experience.

With the majority of the touring cast being male, RAW is about creating positive male role-models assisting in the development of positive identity and self esteem within today’s youth.

RAW will encourage the development of regular dance programs focused on participation in physical activity and movement capacity to assist in promoting their health and well being.

Do you offer meet and greet after the show with the performers?

Untapped do offer a “VIP Meet & Greet Package” in conjunction with the local theatre. This package includes special VIP seats for the performance, meeting the cast after the show for signatures and photos and a range of Untapped merchandise all personalised to you!

Where has the show toured?

Raw tours all of their productions worldwide. RAW has performed and toured in New York, London, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates & Romania. RAW has agency representation in Europe and North America, and RAW manages all Asia-Pacific bookings internally.

Who created Untapped?

Andrew Fee is the Creator and Director of UNTAPPED!!  Andrew is also the Founder & Producer of RAW, at only 18 years old, Andrew created Raw Metal in 1998… which has grown from a tap based group, to include breakdance, hip hop, beatboxing, circus, live music and a whole lot of energy.  Click Here to read about Andrew and the UNTAPPED cast members.

How can I buy tickets?

Its easy to buy tickets to any of UNTAPPEDs touring performances.  Just click here to visit the UNTAPPED touting page and see where the cast are performing next.

Do you sell a DVD of the touring performance?

UNTAPPED tours with a range of different and exciting merchandise options.  if you missed getting your special Untapped Souvenir then you will be happy to know that Untapped will soon be setting up an online store with all of our merchandise products.

How can I audition to become a member of Untapped?

Untapped is always on the look out for brilliant performers for our touring productions. All Untapped performers must be able to showcase an advanced level of tap jazz, hip hop & acrobatics. If you think you have what it takes to be one of the cast members of Untapped, please send your CV and online video link to jobs@untappedshow.com.

If you’re interested in auditioning for the UNTAPPED Cast, please email the following to jobs@untappedshow.com.

Click Here to visit our JOBS page.